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jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

New Monster High size for 2015?

Robecca Steam OOAK

Mattel Analyst Day Presentation

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Robecca Steam fan-art's


New pack with three books for October!

Kitty Cheshire Shoes

Duchess Swan

Today has gone, unofficially, and only in the English website Ever After High way, the artwork tab Duchess Swan.
And here begins the problem ... Can not you see things too changed to what we're used to seeing on the show? It's what always happens with artworks, which later dolls are based. A real shame. To see these differences we compared in the following image:

From top to bottom.
We started with her ​​headdress, seems in fact metal beads adorned with a couple of feathers in purple and sustained in the head with a white pearl tiara series. The artwork and wrist have it completely purple, no color variations and pearls are black instead of white.
The slopes in the series are a kind of pen-arrow and the artwork together three small feathers.
The necklace has gone from being a delicate black ribbon with a purple to be a grotesque dog collar black gem.
The series takes an identical ring gem necklace, but the artwork apart from a swan-shaped ring, a bracelet that has been invented for free.
And finally, the top of her dress in the series has a built beautiful corset. Now it is an entire black plastic corset ugliest.

And here the differences that we see. When we see the full artwork or wrist see if they have changed the skirt, stockings or the color of your shoes.
To you, what version of Duchess you prefer?
Update: Now the letter Duchess Swan and artwork are available in SPANISH EAH page.

New girl in EAH!

New photos of scenes from the special Thronecoming!



Will New Movie? in EAH?

According to the web Movieweb, Mattel plans to bring their popular toy line from Ever After High to the big screen, working with Cherin Entertainment to develop a new franchise.

In Ever After High are the sons and daughters of all adolescent characters fairy tale ever conceived. These include Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks, King Encantor, Rapunzel, The Frog Prince, the Swan Princess, The Pied Piper, Robin Hood, Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Beep, Three Little Pigs, and a series of fairies.

Mattel Entertainment Cherin expected to do the same for Ever After High as he has done for the saga of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

The plot of the film will follow these teenagers fairytale, they believe they must continue with the destinations of their parents or else the stories gone forever. As teenagers, struggling with the desire to emerge from the shadows of their parents.

Ever After High has proven to be a popular toy among boys and girls alike. Jenno Topping oversee the development process with Peter Chernin producing. That was also the producer of "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes".

The Animated Series Ever After High is scheduled to be released on Netflix in early 2015. An animated film entitled "Spring unsprung" (which we discussed at the time in the blog) will feature familiar characters.

Ever After High hit theaters in 2016.

What do you think of the news? Would you like to see your favorite fairy tale characters on the big screen? As you see in the picture above and our protagonists are more than ready for the big time haha. You want it to be animated as usual, or a 3D look as happened to its neighbors the MH?

I Just let us know !!!

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Comparisons: Artwork with chapter


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No New York Comic With

Melody Piper

"What's up Ever After? Ready to flip your crowns and shake everything you got with the rocking new tunes I got for the Thronecoming™ dance? Get ready for a page-ripping spellebration! Until next chapter, Royals and Rebels!" - Melody Piper™ #EverAfterHigh #EAH #Thronecoming


Some fairy interesting things are going to happen during the Thronecoming™ special - Are you ready? 

The one hour special will air on Nickelodeon on November 2 at 12 PM Pacific Time (Set your recorders)! #EverAfterHigh #EAH #Thronecoming

Royals and Rebels ♥together♥

New photo of the frozen girl !!

If you look closely at the Ever After Blog Blog, you'll see a photo of the same girl who appears in this photo. Apparently, she is the daughter of a frost queen. And you, what you think? I think it's Rebel.

image in Ginger!!

image in Helga and Gus!!

New Rebel

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